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Latest in Books

Dr. Ian K. Smith

Dr. Ian Smith has written an essential guide to harnessing the power of plants and enjoying the benefits of a plant-forward diet. 

Edward Ashton, Writing for

Edward Ashton, author of "Mickey7," talks about his tendency to overuse the word "really" and how "portmanteau" always gets on his nerves. 

Alex Finlay, Writing for

Alex Finlay, author of "The Night Shift," discusses the grammar quirks that make up his writing. 

S.A. Barnes, Writing for

S.A. Barnes, author of "Dead Silence," discusses the Oxford comma, developing character voice, and the difficulties of shifting point of view from first to third. 

Ann Cleeves, Writing for

New York Times bestseller Ann Cleeves chats about the grammar quirks she's adopted in her years of writing and some of her favorite words.

Amanda Foody, Writing for

Amanda Foody, author of "All of Us Villains," discusses how fun it is to write for YA and middle grade audiences and how this leads her to make up words that aren't in the dictionary.